How to Appreciate Life & the Little Things

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seven days in the greatest place i have ever seen and although i hate to leave, all good things must come to an end. i am reminded that even if the world is filled with many beautiful things, we must remember what makes our hearts content.

lately, as restless as i am, i can still stop and be appreciative of what is before me. especially when you wake up and watch the sun rise from an ocean view. calming, colorful and warm, we adapt to a whole new way when far from home. i watched a local fisherman yesterday clean conk it is a local shell fish which is considered a delight here and the man does this every day to feed his family. raising 6 children in these parts i am sure is costly as everything needs to be flown in. let’s consider that even a can of juice is $7.00 not to mention even the necessities of life that so many of us take for granted.

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i am a big believer that travel can make you realize how other parts of the world have different means and most work even harder that we can imagine just to collect money or even food.

as i was feeling a bit sorry for my situation yesterday, today is a new day and although i am still concerned that i will not find work when i get home, i can still remember to appreciate the life i have and the many people who allow me to enjoy these travel experiences.


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