How much would you sacrifice

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have you ever stopped and thought about sacrifice? when you want something so bad, what would you do to get it?

people have been asking me for years how i can afford to go on these vacations every year but if you think about this, it is not only saving but also working. i work many hours of overtime in order to keep that money to go away. it takes a lot of planning and sacrifice, meaning putting money away and not touching it because that one week of ocean, sun and margaritas means so much to me.

 i am proud to say it is down to the wire, with 6 days left to go and i am pretty worn out! however, i know by next weekend, this fatigue will all go away. i will full of excitement being on the plane, going places and mostly the calm and heat of the sun on my face. i can’t stress enough how i love that my son is coming with me this year because i know in his mind he has no idea how wonderful this place is and that he never thought he would be going to a place like this.

i am also proud because i get to give him this gift, as a parent we always want to do best for our children but to be able to pay for such a vacation makes me feel really good inside. although i have done my best for both my boys, i know i probably could have done more and wanted always more for them but as life would have it, not all was good.

it isn’t so much about guilt anymore but sadness because for me, working really hard for everything since the age of maybe 15, i can finally enjoy a little luxury.

my next agenda is to be happy, i mean really happy. content with all i do and feeling confident that my life is as it should be but also waking up with a sense of peace. i’d like to give my brain a break but also my tired body.

today’s thoughts: we must never dwell on the past regrets but learn from them and know, even may convince ourselves that we did what we could. some experiences were really bad and others were the road to an understanding of how it could be. in the end, we will know what is the right thing to do.


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