How I Stood Still for A Moment

sometimes we must take a step back in order to understand the next step. this week my thoughts have been solely on work and reading all other blogs around social media.


To get fresh ideas and thoughts. I want to see what others really do online, what they write, their personal feelings on making money and branding.

then I stood still.

yesterday, I took a moment to stare at the water. here where I live, we a river that runs for miles and miles and if you look closely, all you see is the reality of how beautiful it is. although I love the ocean because of the color and the sand, I do like our waters here in Canada.

The fiddle leaf fig tree is a perfect indoor plant that is a low maintenance plant with beautiful large leaves. Widely used among interior design settings, this is a must-have piece!

I said it a long time ago, if something isn’t working, it is probably because it isn’t meant to be. but how do we satisfy our need to be greater and stand still? I don’t really know because I have always been ambitious in thinking and doing especially when I want something badly.

I look back at the things that I did create, from start to finish and in my eyes they aren’t as great as I would have hoped they would be. I think it is because they are a beginning of an ending which reflects only a moment in time. they aren’t meant to change the chore of your life but merely to either teach you something or show you the reality.

as it is #TGIF, I am facing the challenges of next week; what to do with this website, creating a new layout ( i do that a lot only to test drive new WordPress themes ) and how to make a better place here, so readers are interested in my inspirations.

I hope you all have a great weekend and keep in mind that great things come from working hard, being ambitious but also from just standing still for a moment.

a little business note: this Grammarly is awesome, it not only helps to write but it shows me very few mistakes, which tells me I am still kicking it in English Grammar.