How Hard is it to do Nothing

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a while back, i decided that sunday was the art of doing nothing. some however find it an opportunity to catch up on things they did not get done during the week because of work. i believe it is like dishes, all that stuff will still be there tomorrow.

years back, sunday was considered a day of rest. i do not know what happened to society but for some reason we have loss the value of sunday and find ourselves being busier than during the week. i am, some day, addicted to my phone and computer and on sunday, i leave it inside the house when i am outside.

as i layed in my pool yesterday, basking in the sun, enjoy the wonderful calmness, i could hear my phone go off every 5 minutes. why do people not understand? me time, is me time. shut it off ffs!

it is so important to take time to relax, fixate on something other than the regular life we live and do nothing. our bodies are meant to go go go all the time and we must take at least one day to do this. there is plenty of time to finish the responsibilities, housework, whatever any other day but sunday.




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