.how far would you go to get noticed

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in today’s society, i believe people say or do things to get noticed. be it as i may seem, some things said are slanderous and can cause pain or hurt feelings.

i truly see the reactions of things said and what people don’t realize is how it can affect a person’s well being. i think, people should take a second look at the ‘run of mouth’. we are all challenged on a daily basis – whether in our profession or in friendships. i do realize you can’t make everyone happy but i truly wish people would think before they speak.

if i have learned anything over the years is that everyone has a unique life. we don’t know what does on in an individuals perspective on things, how they see or feel is of personal nature. physical ailments, mental disabilities or even just lack of social skills. they are still human and we should treat people with respect at all costs.

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there are some who take life for granted, never being aware of what they are saying or doing which in the end we can either take it or leave it. what we choose to do with any given situation is of our own personal growth.

insecurities, plays a big part in this as i have seen many people go out of their way to express themselves in a outlandish way to get noticed. perhaps it is a way to deal with their own personal feelings or way of living. jealousy is another word that comes to mind because someone feels others have something they want or think they want.

at the end of the day, we know for sure, no matter what we do, good or bad, it is all about perception.

judging others will never accomplish anything and it certainly will not make you a hero.

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