.how far can you go with the truth

people expect their friends, family, who ever to tell you the truth about everything. we all know they don’t but in the end we always figure it out. but how refreshing it would be if people would just be honest about all that is said?

honest about how they really feel, honest about any given situation and honest about themselves. people i believe would grow and learn much from this wonderful aberration. honesty would bring less crime, more love and better relationships. no wasting time with bullshit lines, pretending to be something you are not just to make another happy and accepting everyone for who they really are and can potentially be.

i know, personally, i would like to tell it like it is to one’s face and i would hope they tell me. we all know that never happens and this is what results in “non-trusting”. – it’s my word.

my theory: let’s try being honest about everything. if a person rejects it, it is because they are in some way not truly honest with themselves about whatever. if on the other hand they take it like a human and move on with their day, then you can honestly say you have a good friend, lover, co-worker, etc…