How Do You Make Things Better

this is what I know…

when someone is striving to do better and it seems as though all roads lead to dead ends, some of us give up. it isn’t because they can’t accomplish great things or new ideas, it is because the process of certain aspects of my life are complicated and lengthy.

I for one have no patience for greatness, meaning, when you want something, I believe the process should not be difficult. life is hard enough without making the reality harder than it has to be.


Teaching Unconditional Living

lately, my writing has taken a step back because I have been looking for ways to improve my life with new companies, trying income generating dead ends. this new project I was working on is very good but the exam alone is horrifying. as I work a normal full-time job, it is hard to find space hours in order to even continue with other applications. the story is endless…

I truly believe in this world if you want to make it on the internet, you have to have a nest egg saved up, then you can devote all of your time to building the foundation. once that is accomplished, you can do great things online. I am quite disappointed as my time is very valuable and because I love being on my computer, I wanted to do this. now, I am lost yet again because I can’t seem to finish that new project. as discouragement comes with many other feelings, I literally want to vomit.