How Complicated are Emotions

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i am going to men bash this morning…

men play games – they really do and maybe they don’t realize they do it but it’s a fact. i am surrounded by women who talk about their men all the time and these are the things i hear:

he is selfish, he says things he doesn’t mean, he doesn’t answer when asked a direct question, he’s not motivated, and i think the best one is ‘if he is lying, he’s cheating!

i am sure there are more but i don’t have all day to write this.

what is it about men that make them react this way? the good ones probably do this too but they have been with their spouses so long that she probably just puts up with it or has learned to control the situation so much that the man fears any kind of change in the relationship.

Truth ! Why do so many people give up after they get comfortable? If you truly love them, you will always be willing to show them that they are important to you.. you can be comfortable and still passionate about each other... if your right for each other of course...

personally i believe this is so detrimental to women to treat us like push overs because you know deep down we love you so much that we will jump at the slightest show of love or affection. the problem is we aren’t strong enough to say ‘fuck you’ when push comes to shove. we don’t know that maybe just maybe we really don’t need you in our lives because it is familiar.

it isn’t that…WE HATE REJECTION!

men get with it…remember a time when you wanted sex and we would say, ‘oh, i am not in the mood? this is why so many men cheat because their peckers are the first thing on their minds. when it isn’t being fulfilled they look for ways to get it. once they do, then you are the shinning star in their life again.

it’s clear. men can no longer treat women who truly love them like garbage; we need to feel respected and loved both at the same time. if you truly love your woman, you should show it all the time even when she is not happy. if you don’t, then stop playing the head games. it is exhausting, heart wrenching and just totally confusing.

who’s complicated now?

and by the way, it isn’t hard to express emotion or feelings, it’s called COMMUNICATION! look it up in the dictionary if you have forgotten the definition.


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