How Bad do You Want Something and What Are You Willing To Do To Get it

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I have researched many articles online and most of them, while interesting read, are really full of shit. I am still venting on this #makingmoney online thing because unless you have anywhere from $250 to $1000 to spend on a system or ads, you won’t generate any money from affiliates.

I can’t stress this enough.

get a product, find a niche, is all well and said but in the end, the moral is, unless you have money, you can’t make money.

why am I venting about this when I am a relationship, self help website? because we all want extra income, right? and I have been working at this for years. today, I am taking a stand and am going to just give up on that idea because it is not realistic, which is what I promote.

Affiliates are like lotteries. if your numbers come up, GREAT!

usually they don’t unless you are creating a team effort like a pyramid or something of that sort. so basically if you buy this marketers product he will generate money but you do all the work in the meantime to promote and are left frustrated.

we do not want stress in our lives, we want simple, peaceful meaningful relationships with others and our inner self. hey, who wouldn’t want to generate $10, 000 a month and go live on a beach right? if that is your thing but how far are you willing to go or how much are you willing to spend of your hard earned money to get it without a guarantee?

not me.

just my take on Affiliates. take it or leave it.


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