horrible days

everyone has bad days, yesterday was mine. i can’t begin to tell how frustrating people can be and sometimes indexing my compartment boxes are next to impossible.

the hardest part is when you are trying to do good things and it feels as though the bad out ways everything. communication and understanding take a back seat and you are left with the feeling not one person could ever fix this frustrations. i couldn’t wait until the day was done.


i think laughter is a good medicine in any circumstance and it is the few people i work with that help me see the good i do. i am thankful i have them – not only do they listen to me, for the most part, but put up with my little outburst of energy. some more than others put a big smile on my face and i know for a fact they do not realize it. i guess it would be good to tell these certain individuals how appreciated i am of them however i know no words are needed.

challenges come in every shape and form – when faced with big ones, i try and compartmentalize, evaluate and find calming solutions. this way my sanity stays in check. the odd time when it is more frustrating than i can handle, i have noticed that something else happens to turn my attention and for some reason my whole outlook changes.

in the end, those bad days seem to fix themselves. if they don’t, it is because it isn’t fixable.

let it go.

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