Honesty is Better Than Disappointing Lies

i have been thinking about games as i called them, people play. man or woman, i see it all the time. one plays the game of cat and mouse to get something they want. they figure they are giving a small piece of themselves for the other person and should be enough.

why can’t people say exactly what they want and accept whatever consequences will follow?

i say this with a heavy heart because i always get sucked into a situation that i believe is something that will turn out exactly the way i want. i realize realistically we don’t always get what we want but i believe that when you feel strongly about something you should be respectable and tell the truth either negative or positive.

i have never trusted people for that reason; every time i trusted someone they have left me feeling hurt and disappointed. this is why i no longer have good friends and a relationship.

i keep saying why bother?

this is the reason. safely distance myself but keeping a close watch on my heart. i was told its lonely nut it better than getting your heart crushed over and over again.