home is where life happens

i watched the little snow flakes falling from the sky and listened | there was absolute silence.

the last two days had proven to be quite an adventure for me as i had intended to come home on time and in good form from my Mexican adventure this past week. however, as nature would have it, i found myself stuck in a state which i knew no one and had no idea how to live in that moment. all i do remember was shear panic! i was already drained from being sick as soon as i landed in Mexico and when i got the news that my flight was cancelled, i felt as though life had thrown me another curve ball trying to tell me something. the only thing i knew for sure is that i had a great tan | people say in times of need we should always reach out

as i said shear panic | trying to get another flight seemed so impossible as there were no flights that night. so to add to this horrific situation i now had to figure out where i was going to sleep | i love adventures but when you are in a place by yourself, trust me it isn’t that fun.

it took hours by the time i was able to get another flight for the next day | and not direct, i had to fly to another place, then hop on another plane to get to the airport where my ride was. as many people were stranded that night, it was harder to get rooms. the idea was pick one and get a ride there | right. we finally got to the shuttle area, where vans from different hotels were waiting to pick up passengers, i decided in that moment to just pick a place that was familiar | another mistake. this place was run down and i wouldn’t even give it a 2 star. however, the room was clean and there was a large king size bed. after freshening up and ordering food, i managed to get about three hours sleep which brought me to the wee hours of the morning to get my flight home.

the point i am getting at in this whole situation is i had never been so glad to finally make my destination back home. although travelling to different countries may seem like a wonderful adventure and relaxing experience, it is always the place where you reside that’s make you feel comfortable.

the lesson is no matter how prepared you are for anything | there is always that chance, your plans will be disrupted. in my case it seems as though life has a sense of humor. what have i learned from this? travelling alone is never a good thing, be prepared for anything and no matter what remember that in time of need, you only need and can rely on yourself to get where you really want to be.