Holding A Title of my Own

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I have been thinking about what makes us unique and how happiness can reveal greatness. what happens when you feel as though nothing in this world can make a mess of anything?

I wouldn’t know.

people will tell you, “you make your own happiness” when in fact that is total bullshit because there is always something that connects the dots. life is out of our control; destiny is not at our disposal and we are victims of deceit everywhere we turn.

we believe we are fine when in fact we are not, we pretend that our lives are at the highest level of comfort when in fact we freezing our assets and we convince ourselves of an unparalleled stupidity that doesn’t exist.

even when we hold a title to something of greatness or importance, in the end, it does not mean a damn thing. it is a characteristic value of standing. it is what people make of it and holds no value in this life. we are governed by presidents, politicians, managers, supervisors and team leaders whom at one time or another were just like you. what gives them the right to precede to better just because they are appointed by a title.

it is a word; no more no less.

tomorrow, I want to touch on the epicreality of religion. something that should never be talked about but as you all know, I have strong opinions about certain subjects and that’s why I am here.

first I have to really get my shit together and fix this website, so boring!


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