Hidden behind the door

sometimes we envy people and we really don’t know why. sometimes we do. i am a very strange and unique individual who believes in many things that others do not. as i find myself thinking of the future on this early morning, i wonder why some things in my past still haunt me.

when i first started writing, i was in a place no one wants to be. i wrote a story about love, printed it and posted it on amazon. i guess my dreams of being a best seller went to shit and today i have been trying to get amazon to remove it from their list. unfortunately they sent me an email informing me that because the email didn’t match, they could not. well as i tried explaining that was a million years ago and that email was no longer accessible, i was reminded of how amusing this was.

some people are really private and i respect that, but when you know who you are and want to remove something off the internet, good luck with that!’

the reality today is that, if you open a door, make sure you know how to close it and have all your facts. lesson learned, some things cannot be undone and we have to live with it.


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