Having the Courage to be Who You Truly are

far to often, we forget who we are – we become something else in order to satisfy someone else’s needs or wants. whether it be work, relationships, friendships or even public figures.

what i can say about this is it brings nothing but tragedy to your life.

i have seen it, i have lived it and most of all i have felt it. i personally have changed my colours many times for the sake of saving face i can say that from experience it only ruins great moments. you come to realize that it can destroy your well – being and health. what you do need to do is not change who you are but have respect for others around you who do not quite understand the concept.

unconditional means this: not subject to any conditions

the reality today is whether or not people can actually be who they are and what would happen if we all decided one day to actually live out of the box? i know realistically it would probably ruin some of us but i guess i live in a bubble wishing everyone would just accept each other unconditionally.

alas!  i know in this world that is the moment of truth and no one can really see the value someone might bring to the table if we were to see people for who they really are. my epic wish would be to able to be my true self in all aspects of my life and be accepted and allowed.

big reality isn’t it?