Haven’t Found What I am Looking For

the weird thoughts are happening.

I used to think blogging about what interest you or you feel passionate about seemed so easy. now I find myself really stuck on everything. layout, words, life and especially writing. I question everything I do or say and wonder if the enthusiasm has gone out the door. I guess the ambitions have left the building and I really can’t find newer ways of making this work.

 trial and error of projects are frustrating. you have a plan and then it all falls apart. you can’t rebuild, you can’t fix it and you can’t seem to land on that positive incentive you once had.

I overtired, for one thing, this job of mine is getting the best of me. I can’t quit because I need the money and I can’t make the money I want online, therefore, here we go.

the circle of life.

I don’t get it; I am smart, creative and for some reason, something is triggering all the bad vibes. even ghosts from my past are sparking everywhere and it brings me back to a time when I used to over analyze everything; which isn’t always a good idea. the reality is I have lost focus and to get it back will take much needed time out.

again, which I don’t have.

all I am staying today is that if you are a normal individual who suffers from this passion for being real and passionate about life, making things work the way you want doesn’t always happen. everyone has a place on this earth and unfortunately, I still haven’t found mine.