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there are people in life that believe they deserve something and truly don’t but in their minds, they feel compelled to make it apparent. i can tell you that in certain areas of life’s’ journey people are their worse enemy. they sink so far they can no longer see the light of day.

i believe in facts, truth on paper, rules and regulations for everything and there are those who would bend the rules for the sake of making themselves feel better. the reality is rule breakers always get caught in the end. the only rule a person should have for themselves is discipline with their own well being. if it feels bad don’t do it. someone with a conscious will realize this and prosper.

today, i can tell you from experience i have seen this kind of greed and i will not subject myself to this kind of behavior. i feel that everyone has a purpose and hurting others is not one of them. it is very hard for me to be biased in all situations i encounter but i make it work. i will do what has to be done and know that it is in the best interest in that time and place.

i am returning to work today not fully recovered from my recent illness, taking it slow will have to be a priority because my body is telling me so. now if i could only get my head to cooperate!


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