great loves are like great songs

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music helps the soul, it can say something you can’t say out loud, it can fill your heart with joy or sorrow.

the only thing i can really compare it too is love. i believe all great songs have a story and with that comes people and love. my two favourite things in the world. both of which have taught me so much throughout the years and every time i hear a song, i think of a time and place when the meaning of that song inspired me.

big secret with that is i have always wanted to be a great entertainer all my life and find unconditional love. both have failed me tremendously, however, the music lives on every day.

love is much more complicated. i guess we all have our own idea of love and what is should be or not be | mine is that someday, someone will come along and love me as much as i love them and want the same ideas as i do.

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