silence, how wonderful it is to your ears; what is even more beautiful and we take for granted are the birds chirping in the early morning. when everyone is still asleep, i am up listening to this beauty.

it’s a new week and one can never tell what it will bring. while us Canadians had a wonderful long weekend, a much needed rest, flowers are planted, pool is up and running and yard is clean. let’s not forget how the grass has grown and now is trimmed.

what we also face sometimes are things that happen unexpectedly. i have always been grateful for what i have, only because i feel in my lifetime i have worked very hard and getting things i need and want. my luxuries are merely a necessity to some and i can honestly say, most people in this world forget how beautiful life can be if you just listen.

another great thing is when you can really trust people to take on responsibility. i believe there are still people out there who are willing and able to help when it is necessary. i have a friend like that and although he may not realize it, he has lifted a great weight off my shoulders.

i run an organization that is very stressful at times only because i had taken on much of this responsibility on my own. day and night, i was beginning to swallow myself away and now, this friend (colleague) has helped. learning has always been my forté and this lesson was about delegating some of the work, trusting in others and feeling good about it.

well today, this morning, i am confident i will not have to dictate this new responsibility which i have given to someone else. this will give me the time i need to continue my journey and work on my own projects.

if this person even reads my posts, “thank you”.

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