.gossip the truth

lately i have noticed people gossip about anything. the fun part about that, is you can tell someone a story and by the time it reaches the next person and the next, the story has changed so much you have no idea what the truth is.

the sad part about this, is if you are going to tell a story that someone has told you, at least get your facts right. the main thing to remember is that source is valuable and if you don’t trust the person you are telling the story too, then don’t! people can be so mean when it comes to feelings and sharing, you will never know from day to the next whether you can tell them something in secret. friendships are built on trust and if you feel the need to trust someone and find out later they have spread more germs than can be wiped, then you are right back where you started. frustrated and defeated.

i like a being alone for that reason because if i don’t speak to anyone then i do not risk the chance of being hurt. however, there are some people in my life with whom i would like to have a better connection if i could learn to trust them. big dilemma! there are those around me i find bring much value and insight and those who just make me smile and laugh and remind me that i am human. on the other hand there are those whom i would just like to tell off in a polite way because i feel their behaviour is unacceptable only because they truly hide who they are. catch twenty two isn’t it?

so my worthy thought for today: ‘how can i believe in the people whom matter most to me and how can i truly let them know i am serious about my friendship?’