.getting epic

it is often said hitting rock bottom helps those who have no direction, no will to see the light or worse no ambition to do better. i pride myself on emphasizing this moment because i know my life is just not quite where i want it to be.

white & ampersand sculpture: i can’t give specifics on what bothers me the most, only because the people who read this, find it their goal to point the finger but i can say that yesterday, driving around, thinking about where and when i would like my life to be, i found it easy to rearrange things. past, present and future, experiences that have shown me the errors of life, frustration sets in and there is no where to go. this path is more than a blank copy of what not to do and yet there are times that is shows me so much. even though i am a big believer in ‘it all happens for a reason’, my next book, i still wish i had the answers to why certain things are bothering my very core.

all i know if this: for today, i will create, blend myself in my creations and remember to breathe.