generalizing life and people

there’s an old saying, keep your friends closer and your enemies closer

so true when it comes to people in general, how they can manipulate a situation or turn a story around. some even defy the very essence of your beliefs and some will undoubtedly do things you really find unacceptable. for example perception is a very dangerous word; in the eyes of some, things may be perceived in a very different way than others think. saying or doing something that is unacceptable to other may throw many red flags to an individual. we have to see things for what they really are and hope that in the end we grow with our own wellness not for the sake of others.

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people who are insecure, lack the confidence to be who they are often do things or say things that gets people’s attention. they put themselves out there because they feel a need to be noticed. this is very exhausting in my view because most of the time it isn’t necessary.

everyone has their own qualities, there own value in life and i just wish that was the case with everyone. but sad to say there are some whom you know can’t resist the lack of better judgement.

i am really rethinking mine!