Games People Play

In the last few days, I’ve been watching and listening to people. Observing their very essence, how they say things, how they move, how they communicate with other people.  I have come to realize that no matter how unique we all are people all play the same game.  Whether at home, work, socializing, friends, family even total strangers.

For years human traditions were, you find a special someone, marry, raise some kids, buy a home and live a full life. Nowadays, relationships are so few and far between, I wonder if people have really lost their values? Many generations have passed and women especially have gotten stronger in their well being and have learned that we are equal with men. However, when the games start who is really in control?

For example, A woman can pretty much get a man to do whatever she wants, as long as the man knows there is food, sex and sleep involved (not in that order of course).  On the other hand, when a man wants something from a woman, he will smooth her over with her favorite things, even tell her exactly what she wants to hear and make her believe she is the most important person in his life, especially to get what he wants.


So, with that being said, why do we play this game of cat and mouse?

Because we can.

I feel people have lost touch with real love and real feelings of the heart. There aren’t enough traditions and values left in relationships and it makes me wonder why our children grow up in this generation not knowing what real love is.

So I ask you: “Why all the games?” Let’s bring back traditional values, morals and good interactions with people. Find your heart, your true existence and find good acts of honesty and kindness.

For all you men out there who think you have it all figured out and think that women are to complicated, think again. You are the one’s complicating everything; it’s simple. Woman tell you what they want on any given day, you aren’t listening.