full of shit

i realized some time ago how people are really full of shit, always recommending things, always telling how you should and shouldn’t act and being in your face/life when it really isn’t any of their business. you would think to yourself maybe they care but in the end you know they don’t.

people are always trying to change you; they always think they know what’s best and really they don’t even see the truths behind their own ambitions. why is it that the one’s you think really care be honest with you and tell it like it is? or better, accept that you are who you are and that is the way it is?

what i hate the most are the one’s who pretend to care and all they are doing is digging a nail into you. the hardest part about this is that if come to realize these character flaws about people, you end up feeling detached and insecure. i am so tired of the games, i wish i could just explode and tell some people what i really think.

epic thoughts: stop the insanity and be firm. don’t try and change others and most of all trust no one!