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as a writer, you must keep your readers interested. as a leader, it is much harder to keep people on the same page. you will always find some who are opposed to anything you say or do.

as frustrating as this is, i always find value in all that people say or do. there is always a lesson to be learned and in hopes to turn a negative into a positive. i have encountered many people who disagree with my ideas and thoughts and i have learned that those are my ideas and feelings. acceptance is the key to self worth and knowing you feel good about yourself when you accomplish something is all that matters.


during my vacation, i learned that i definitely hate being among a group of people. large groups freak me out; i have yet to really understand the meaning behind it but i am closely working that out. i truly feel that the main reason is there will always will be one person left out of the conversation.call me whatever but it is true. i have seen it happen. the reality is even though everyone can bring something good into a conversation, you will always find that one person sitting or standing there saying nothing because all the others are so intrigued in their own personal agenda.

i suppose for years i have disliked parties not only because of this reason but i really do like the tranquility of “table for one.” don’t get me wrong, i enjoy the company of others very much, talking and chatting about things but it really has to be either another person or 2 at most.

i do not have to please anyone or show myself up for the sake of making others happy but only to remember that my sanity is at best the most important.

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