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    we all know change is inevitable as the world moves on, new technology, we get older and most of all we must adapt.

    one of the things I am comfortable with is trying new things, visiting new places but at times, I find myself living the unfamiliar life. every day there is something new to be grateful for and yesterday, I admire my sister in law. she is a creature in her own, adapting to her environment and always trying to please everyone.

    I remember that girl, but she does take care of herself. I am lucky, she took me out yesterday for my birthday and I had forgotten how wonderful it is to do stuff. I have been stuck in the house, away from people and it was really nice to just be free.

    I also experienced a sadness yesterday, a door that should have been closed months ago but realizing it wasn’t. this is all part of letting go, finding a new path and just trust that everything is where it should be.

    I don’t know what my future holds, career, time, I just have to accept that everything will take it’s place. in the meantime, I must enjoy the time I have on this earth and be grateful for all the kindness.


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