free speech how far can you take it

i am reaching out to millions of people because the idea of free speech has become slightly limited.

some people go out of their way to hurt others just by saying slanderous things, bullying those who can not protect themselves and harassing in an inappropriate way. i believe it has gone far to long we must as citizens take action!

i live in a very small community and it has come apparent to me, we do not do enough to protect ourselves from this kind of abuse. their are people out there, even social networks like Facebook that allow free speech, not even considering the outcome. there are also people out there who for no apparent reason have a mouth that continuously rambles off, lashing at others and using social networks as a means to destroy another life.

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we do have rights and this kind of behavior should not be tolerated and must be addressed. social networks like Facebook is entertainment for knowledge and fun not for bashing human beings. i am very disgusted as i have seen it far too much lately and wish to make a complaint to Facebook. these public groups, closed or open need to be banned from the world. we ask ourselves why youngsters are suicidal, depressed and become violent in some cases, then this is one good reason.

i hope that this message will go out as it is a time of giving and we should all stand together for peace, love and harmony.