for the sake of keeping the peace

[T]hey are called two face people, the one’s that keep the peace for the sake of how they really feel. but how does this help any self loving situation?

[I]believe the truth may hurt but it is better than living a lie. when you don’t like someone and can’t stand to be around them why not just compromise the situation. it isn’t that you want to make it harder than it is but you want to keep the peace, you want to be able to satisfy your needs as well as those you love deeply.

[E]ven as we grow, especially when we feel it is necessary to find a happy medium, there are times we must do things we truly do not like or feel comfortable doing. although this is not a healthy way of living, it is solely to accept one another for who we are and what we believe in.

[T]here are many toxic people in my life and i don’t want them to affect my growth and continued positive lifestyle; therefore i choose to keep them at a distance. even though i know i may be hurting others around me, i still feel justified with my decisions. my new thing:

“it is what it is” | you can either accept it, live with or without it.