the concept of flirting has become so foreign to men it has to be said those who still do, kudos to them! the ones who don’t, shame on you.

what i really like is that most of the time flirting can be so fun and innocent it makes you feel very special; to at least know that someone is even remotely noticing you is a plus when you are close to 50. but it is knowing when it is purely flirting or get right down serious i want you kinda situation.

what bothers me are the ones that can’t flirt or worse don’t know how and never realize how exciting it can be. i believe that reason for this is that they are so insecure that the flirting may turn into something more, they shy away from it. especially the ones that are in relationships are so afraid of expressing themselves, they think flirting is cheating.

seriously get with it men!

so my thought for today: why is pure fun so complicated? why not enjoy all you can when you can without harm?

how things are supposed to be

there are times in life when we look back and think how big of a plan we had for ourselves and hell! none of it turned out the way thought. you see a path, take it and poof! there is goes. yes we make choices thinking this is how it is supposed to be only to find that nothing is how it seems.

so how what?

you take another road hoping that the next big plan works out. so what if it doesn’t? do we really or should we really care?

i will turning 50 this year and have decided that life is full of wonder and adventure and i do not plan on wasting it on what if’s and whatever. my plans are just to live the best i can live, do what i can in the moments i have and be as adventurous as possible. so what life isn’t where i would have hoped, so what if i don’t have the love i am supposed to have or that white picked fence i always dreamed of, who really cares. i am healthy, have a wonderful career and am the smartest woman i know. ( ha ha )

but without sounding to conceited, which i am not, it’s true. live for today and fuck tomorrow! in a manner of speaking. i want to live on the edge, take chances and see where it takes me.