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there is a fine line between being aware of who you are and what you are actually.

most people do not consider the possibility that even though we carry many titles in our lives, we are first and foremost woman or man. titles are what we do and not who we are. i have many titles, mother, daughter, spouse, driver, president, fixer of all, leader, writer and ultimately believer in love.

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i have always believed that love is and should be first because if you do not love yourself, you cannot function in this world. lack of this causes doubt and ambition for anything else. when shit goes wrong, it is the lack of love for yourself, lack of confidence sets in and you forget that even life throws you challenges, anything is possible. making people believe this has been on of the hardest things to do. i feel alienated all the time for my beliefs but i am strong on looking beyond what is right in front of me.

a beautiful and caring woman told me and reminded me of that yesterday. how to look deeper when issues arise. when i started thinking about it, i was able to consider the possibility that i am not this super woman i think i am and have to take a step back. what is happening is this:

i am falling into pieces because i have taken on more than i should. for i lack being able to let shit go, i am at a loss. mistakes are something i very familiar with but it is with mistakes that we learn.

today, i begin to really look at what is important and leave the rest. i am confident that in the end it will all work out.

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