Find your crayon

ever notice that even when you have a plan shit just happens. somewhere someone will sure fuck things up and defer your current journey.

i pride myself on being organized, knowing what i want and when to do it but there are times when even the slightest little delay can affect my perception. i can’t even decide at times what is best or what i should do in situations only because the outcome is very blurry. i guess that is the big reason we take vacations to run away from it all even though we know in return it all will still be there.

facing things head on isn’t always the best solution either. that my friends is a scary situation because people are so oblivious to the reality of life they don’t want to see the truth. i am to tired to be struggling and fighting with those demons that haunt me and it is time to take the stand.

yesterday i really thought about trust and how i can honestly say i trust very little people. the ones you think are trustworthy are the ones that are cutting your throat even more than you can imagine. it is very sad to think that in life people are still lowering their morals in order to get something they do not know anything about.

even the people who read my blog post probably assume i am by polar or demented because there are times when i write things that would indicate this but on the contrary i am very much together.

the important thing today is that i must do what i have to do in order to be sane. in the end that is all that matters, me, myself and i.