.finding inner peace

“self love is one of the most important things in life”

life is so chaotic and sometimes we forget to take the time for ourselves and bask in our own central place. i see people every day who suffer with stress disorders and i wonder why they are so wrapped up in this unlimited amount of negative power.

people used to tell me i was negative but the funny thing is i wasn’t. i was realistic to all my values and moments. i have also noticed a lack of restful sleeps lately and keep questioning the “why”.

everything has a place and time and for me, when wanting things to happen and they don’t, i get very restless. therefore, i end up dreaming every night and awake tossing and turning.

so how to fix this crazy habit.

some say training your brain to release all before bed is a good method. although i value this, i have tried for years to clear my mind. of course being i am not a pill taker i will have to come up with another solution or the fact remains i will end up exactly where i was before via mexico.

funny how i can run a schedule, run my small business and yet when it comes to my own self worth, that brain of mind can’t focus. yes there you go expecting to much of yourself.


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