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as Christmas is fast approaching, many people are into the hustle and bustle of deciding what to get this one and that one. i, on the other hand am the kind of person that waits until the last minute for the rush of shopping and getting my shit organized.

this weekend i am however going to get my decorations done, finish some last minute painting so that my banister will look absolutely #epic.

i find myself thinking much about people today and how when you least expect it, some will either enlighten your day or make it worse. of course we should always look at the positive side of everything but a friend of mine said to me, why are people such assholes. well, i think some people just enjoy being miserable, whether it is because they are jealous or they just feel less important and want to make a statement.

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i am also reminded that when certain people make a point of noticing the good and surprisingly interesting, my spirits lift so much it is as if i can’t get off the cloud. i love it when people can take the time and make a person feel good and acknowledge certain behaviors in a positive way. at this time of year it is so important to notice the good in all characters and give to those who need.

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in the end it doesn’t really matter what people say or do but if we spread more joy and happiness around us, maybe just maybe, it will begin a trend.

today, i am sending light and unconditional love to people, in hopes to bring that Christmas spirit. who knows, maybe it will warmth and fire to their hearts.


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