feeling restless

it is funny how every once in a while i feel very restless, as if i need to get out and be silly and crazy just for one night.  i guess it’s because i am so conformed all week long and after a while you get that cabin fever. even though i just took a vacation, i feel as though it wasn’t enough to let my real inhibitions out.

when i was younger, it was responsibility but then letting loose whenever possible. those were the days when things were carefree and seemed less stressful. although life has changed, i think everyone needs to ‘vito’ their inner craziness and do something absolutely fun. the people who do know me very well know that i am always the ultimate of surprise and they are never quite sure what i will come out with next but that stems from just wanting to put life and a smile on someone’s face.

entertainment has been my forté since i can remember and i believe that is what really keeps me sane. dancing, singing, having a few drinks and just plain fun. this is what is known as self-love; when you realize you don’t love yourself enough you have to take a step back and ask yourself, ‘what do i love to do?’