Fear Not Which You Do No Know

Most people fear because they are afraid of an outcome or because they have experienced something in the past which reminds them of some unhappy time or idea. As we grow, we find new ideas that make us want to find the most epic life possible. When confronted with something new. the fear sets in because we have not mastered the art of unconditional living.

i am going to be very honest with you, i fear nothing. seriously! i am very adventurous, living in the moment and never get anxious about my own experiences because they are just that.

to fully understand the word fear, you must understand your own feelings, your own capabilities and most of all your own way of life. if you know you can handle any situation, then there is no reason to fear.

on the subject i used to fear was LOVE.

i am somewhat still working on this but it is not a fear i have of never being loved, it is merely the kind of love i experience. whether friendships, relationships or acquaintances, we feel things that were never possible only because the fear sets in and we have to adjust our thought process.

i think my beliefs on love come from way back when my ambitions were to live the perfect family life, however growing up i now know that is an impossible dream. although from time to time, i see this epic idea in my head and wonder why i never had that experience. i use the term perfect lightly because we all know, nothing is perfect. thinking about it now, i have a different kind of family life; i have the people i work with, whom i wish we could have had a closer relationship, there is my stepfamily whom some are less than idealistic and some that i love very much, there is my own family, children whom i love and adore and then there is the love of my spouses family whom i am completely in the dark about.

the word trust comes to mind in this whole paragraph because i know for a fact that TRUST is the sister word for FEAR. these two words play a big part in the unconditional living.

as you beginning your new week, i want you to write down your fears. what scares you, what are you more concerned with and why. you may find that all of your fears are merely an image of past or future. feel free to send me your list, we can certainly chat about it.