i have been thinking about being real lately and how often people pretend. they pretend to like you they pretend to care and others simply pretend to save their own bad behavior.sometimes we pretend in order to keep the peace or we pretend to hide the truth about our feelings. either way, it is somewhat destructive.

i believe we should be authentic all the time, why hide what you feel or think when in the end it always comes out? i know myself, there are times when i must seriously think about what i am going to say only to protect some people but then there are times when i just simply say what i feel in that moment. it relieves tension and satisfies the inner peace. this is something i have had to learn to do for many years now and i can say without a doubt my epic journey has proven that there is no other way.

expression is of great value if and only you are authentic. i always ‘cringe’ when i know i am speaking with someone and they are lying to my face. i immediately shut that shit off and move on. i don’t have time for the silly games or exaggerations of another. my peace is far to important to listen to that kind of gossip or worse hurtful words, especially towards another person. i stick to the facts and allow myself to be intrigued only when it is an interesting subject.

my epic thoughts for today are this: if at all possible, be real, don’t fake it for anything and always tell the truth.