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sometimes, we forget that everything has it’s own place and time, we try and rush something that isn’t meant to be or maybe isn’t ready. this is only because we feel as though our life has become unmanageable and we want to fix it.

there is a thing called patience, which some of us, including myself, lack. i sat back yesterday thinking how i often want and need things done right away and it seems impossible because of time.however, in my line of work, i see all kinds of people whom time has no value because they are epic and live in their moment. i thought i had seen it all but yesterday was a very disturbing day for me as i seen a man who had only half a body. my first instinct was shock of course but then as we spoke about life on our journey to his home, i realized how lucky i was to be able to even drive him home.

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you see this stuff on tv and you think you would never see this in life but i did and i can honestly say, it hit me hard. as i went about my day, trying not to visualize this man, it kept creeping up in my vision.it made me realize also, no matter how busy we are, there some things that you can’t help but take a moment and be grateful for all that you have.

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i have always appreciated my life as it is but what yesterday taught me is to slow down. never mind the clock, never mind timing but look, listen and learn. today i want my readers to find time to look at things in a different perspective. recognize your surroundings and remind yourself that you only have one life, take a breath and remember everything in time.


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