Everyone Has A Story

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i flew out today going east to see family and take care of some unfinished rest in peace and as i looked around i kept thinking about the people. where they were headed what their story  was and what their minds were filled with.

it always amazes me when i fly i suppose that’s one of the reason i love it. for the adventure.
its simple. you book a flight. pack and next thing you know you are miles away.

so simple. i love the rush of the take off. its like the feeling of nothing. if you would imagine floating where nothing can touch you the freedom of flying is just that. simply put weightless. and in those few hours you can just let it all go. drop it in the clouds below. up here no one cares. no traffic. no busy signals. peace.

i am so grateful to have the luxury a few times a year to go wherever i want and when i want.  we sometimes forget that life is precious and we must be grateful.

for today find your peaceful place and embrace it.


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