every town has them

i am always amazed by the amount of people that can’t keep two thoughts together or for that matter can say whatever they want and when they want. social media has become the main reason of our existence when at one time was only a means to do business or a past time. now we tweet, facebook, pinterest to advise the world of what will happen next in our lives.

i mean it, i have seen the text messages, in every shape and form, videos, public announcements of what an individual is feeling, doing and worse privately exposing others.

is this what is has come too? are we no longer communicating face to face because we are afraid of truth or are we just so damn bored we feel the need to tell everyone why we exist?

sharing has become 2nd nature, whether it is faux pas or real. don’t get me wrong, i love my internet more than anyone i know but to actually let most people know what my next agenda is has its limits.

i believe the reality is we need that validation – knowing someone out there is caring enough to read this shit and making comments. the good stuff, like helping someone or doing good in your community is great for awareness but blurting out whatever comes to mind about whatever is really not necessary. i do not need to know if someone went to tim horton’s to get a coffee or whatever there is a new bum on the street – what i do need are good stories, reality has a new meaning.

in all fairness, i share things that are funny, productive or personal choices like music in order to remind people of life. we must appreciate what is around us and get off the computer once in a while.