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so it turns out when you are on vacation you do need some kind of planning and deciding what to do is pretty easy for me. i am up for anything as long as it means the beach.

here in texas they have beautiful beaches, different from the caribean but still relaxing. we were in boca chica yesterday although a little foggy still amazing to just sit, breath in the salt air and do absolutely nothing. i was amazed at the little crabs coming in and out of the sand. they are quick little creatures and you have to be very still to be able to capture any photos. nonetheless i did.


the water was a bit cold therefore i didn’t go swimming in it but soaked my feet. the sand is amazing and makes my skin feel smooth. once we had finished our beach time, we went to this bar called CeCe Wings. karaoke night for the seniors, where the wings are fantastic and the beer is cheap. fun to watch others do what they do on a regular basis and the stories they tell.

a few talented people got up and sang, i won’t say who but it is always a tradition when i get here. night ending in a few of us sitting around the table outside in the beautiful warm fresh sea air. gotta love it!

i am certainly glad i came and with more to come this week i am sure it will be another epic vacation.

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