epic is going ‘coo coo’

change is good only when you are willing to keep working at self love. to many times, we make changes and never own up to what comes next. our lives are design to show us a way to a path of self love and yet the desire to any possible sometimes stops us in our tracks.

we are our own worse enemies when it comes to criticism because we sometimes see the worse in who we are and what we want to accomplish.

i thrive on excellence, i want to be on top and be epic! who doesn’t right?

after a while i sit and think – is all this effort really important to my well being? will it make a difference if i don’t success in all aspects of my life and why not be content with all the good i have and be grateful.

i especially love it when someone says great things to me just because it makes me realized how  people notice the things i do. lately, i have been so busy with my outside world i forgotten to take care of my insides. even my writing has taken a back seat and to me that is just unacceptable. i have been trying for months now to make this website as epic as possible and still haven’t found my ultimate design.

the search is on and in the meantime i will continue posting as much as possible with my reality thoughts.

sometimes i wish i was back on that beach, it is my most mindless place for epic thoughts.