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This chaotic world we live, what a sight. fast cars, people rushing to get from one place to another, living as though they must hurry to the next level of insanity.

i sat on a bench yesterday trying to talk to my son about life. yes, my 22-year-old needed guidance in the worse way. i remember those years when i thought the whole world was against me and in that time and the moment it was. the hardest part about getting back up from deprivation of life is knowing how to take the small steps.

we want everything now and fast and never really consider how unrealistic this is because never know how life will undoubtedly take steps of its own.  i went on to explain to him that he only has to look at what matters | HIM!

never mind what others are doing, what others think or say but look at what he really wants and go for it. time is of no concern but we must first take steps to better our way of living without going to fast and feeling as though we failed because shit isn’t happening as we would have hoped for.

sometimes | even back then | i wished for a magic wand so many times and that wand was just out of my reach. now i see that even though i did work very hard to succeed at this chaotic life, there are still things out of my reach, however, i do know that no matter what, i am still breathing.


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