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as we are nearing the end of 2016, i find myself looking at life in great depth. changes, ideas, people, life and love have all been turned around and i see how busy i have become.

our bodies tell us when you need a break and epic is doing just that in December. i am taking a vacation and i can’t wait! i love flying, even if i live in a country where snow has just falling this morning, a big blanket of white stuff smothers our land. as my dad said to me once:

“it doesn’t snow over the clouds”

so true, but you have to get off the ground first, right?

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i have become a great flyer, prepared for anything and everything but what i look forward too most if laying on a beach, looking at the palm trees and spending a big of quality time with my dad. he lives in Texas all winter and has been doing that for years. he really enjoys it! i remember 3 years ago, visiting there and i thought it was time i went back.

it will give me some time to really take the much needed time to relax and concentrate on the coming year, looking at goals and becoming more epic than ever! maybe work on my book too.

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