Epic Reality Speaks Her Mind on Fear & People’s Characters

Sunday is a brand new week for me and i am anxious for many reasons. i would like to emphasize on Fear this week only because i know and realized how many people fear life. making sense of this meaning that as society is uncontrollably negative to change, the unknown, the new, and most of all different challenges. we grieve something when it is a loss but how do adapt to something that is quite familiar.

yesterday, many conversations later about many subjects, i find myself thinking how right i am about the characters of people. how they are very predictable and unfamiliar with the light of living an unconditional life. i really need to work on this eBook and finish it because i know so many people would benefit from my teaching. i watched a video this morning of my idol Madonna and she is the most incredible teacher of Unconditional. i posted her latest video on my one of my pages because i am reminded that she is free-spirited, the voice of all voices and really doesn’t give a shit what people think or say. however, she is a great entertainer and i am reminded not only that she lives her life according to her beliefs and conditioning but admits her faults and defeats. (love her)

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where was i…

i got sidetracked, sorry. so we are talking about fear, one of the subjects in my new eBook is the feeling of not allowing yourself to be or feel whatever it is you want. the need to change, the need to live the life you deserve and want. we so often forget that others do not live our lives, they cannot dictate your feelings on any subject and certainly should not tell what to do. but as we all know people are people and most are blinded by societies sickening ways. i just believe that if we all stood up and decided one day to be free and exactly who we should be, this world would be a better place.

so for today’s reality, i want to consider your own world and how you can even take one thing you fear and make that unconditional decision to change it for the better, for you.

FYI: to the person who last commented on my post about needing a better title or more pictures, you need an unconditional life because this is who i am and how i present my Reality. But i appreciate your visit.