Epic Facebook Games

people, The New Year 2017 0 comments

epic blow up Facebook Games! who was in their right minds when they invented these games? candy crush my A** it’s more like mind crush.

we spend countless hours playing these games just to get to the next level. our minds are possessed by the sheer beauty of getting that bomb to blow or collecting ideas that hold no value.

why do we do it?

cause we are all nuts. basically it’s a plow to society. it is supposed to be for entertainment and yet we consume ourselves with the utter desire to beat whom ever is on your epic friend’s list.

i ask  you: is it really worth your time? i want to say this: entertainment is just that.

why don’t we do so much for our own lives and get epic with things that mean something.

but no.

we spend these hours playing games, posting stuff we see that either make us laugh or cry and join social networks to fill our lives with entertainment.

just another epic reality.

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