enlighten your possibilities

what do you often think gives us determination?

failure? lack on promises? or is it our own damn relentless idea of a great life? for lack of better words, my life has been all about damn ambition to be better when in reality i am already in a good state. the problem is the mind, it can and will play tricks on you.

often, when shit hits the fan, we are confronted with self doubt which is very destructive in any situation. the focus should be on the good we do and the best that we are rather than fall into a pit of wallow and self pity. let’s face it, we cannot control anything in life and certainly not our future. what we can do is live for today, hope that we make the right choices and never underestimate our decisions.


i have learned this over the years, a struggle is a learned behaviour, one very hard to follow. letting others bring us down and tear us apart, comparing the lack of everything when all people are unique in their own special way. we are who we are because life has miraculously put us here for a reason. what we need to continue doing is fix the things we can fix, dream the realistic dream and keep our determination is tack.

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