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for some of us, our very existence depends upon the events of the past. life experiences teach us how to be and not be but it is what we do with those experiences that make us who we are today. i often see people dwelling on what was or what could have been that they never really fully live in their own moment. hoping for shit to happen or wishing they had mad different decisions in order to have a better outcome.

i am a firm believe in the power of ‘everything happens for a reason’ and although some may not believe you have to imagine this epic life has been chosen for you as an individual. you are who you are for a special reason – you bring something important to this world and you must embrace it. all you have to do now is figure it out and live it.

a moment, a word, these are all signs to give you that direction you need. nothing complicated but the reality of who you are is within your reach. i know we only believe what we believe because we were taught. the problem is far to many people can’t bring the true nature of their individuality. they represent the ‘normal people’. how and why we are here is more important than living some destiny for someone else’s future.

so what are you waiting for? can you honestly take a moment – look at all aspects of your life and be true and ask yourself:


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