Don’t Allow Your Life To Be Controlled

i was reviewing youtube inspirations this morning and i found the video you see below.

but wait…before you view it, let me explain why i chose this video. it explains what i have been saying for many years now and finding this epic moment was very inspiring to me. it really hits the nail on the board, more than that it really defines what the meaning of life should be and if you aren’t living this moment, then go back to your every day living. go back to what you were doing and forget you even stepped here.


realize we only have one life, one way to express and this my friends is a very epic moment. today, i find meaning in my life and became who i want to be and although i am still working on many things, every day is a new day and no one in this world can take that away from me.

please feel free to comment, send me an email with your epic thoughts on this powerful post.