Doing the job

when you make a decision, it is based on facts. things that are going on, people around you and sometimes feelings. what is best for one, may not be best for another.

what i have noticed about me lately is as time passes, more and more i am convinced i know where this unhappiness stems from and i must do something about it. i was also thinking about my lovely hobby, writing. maybe on the surface i write what i think people want hear and not the reality of what really is. that goes against all that i preach here.

the unconditional life.

i really want to tell it like it is, be honest, say what i want and mean everything i say. sometimes, it is hidden so deep i fear that if i say it out loud, people would hate even more than they do now. however, that being said, why should i care. only the few who know me know i write this #epicreality and it shouldn’t really matter, except that i still work in a public environment in the real world and can’t vent the actually feelings.

i know what i want, that is the main thing and if it doesn’t happen soon, i fear i will collapse. ever wake up feeling so off that it makes you physically ill?

welcome to my world.

i have about a 10% chance in getting exactly what i want but there is still hope.

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woman, mother, writer and leader in her own surroundings, living life unconditionally. she values self development and teaches her readers to be true to life's needs.