Does it really matter

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the hard part about living reality is you must at all cost see things for what they are and not what others perceive to be. the only person who can truly understand life is the one who can understand themselves.

we see it so often people who are guided by others, who can’t make common decisions without consulting others or you not have the knowledge to accept the inevitable. i can tell you from experience if you truly see what is in this moment in time, you would certainly live a better and more productive life. you would longer have to worry about the past or future but only focus on today and all it’s glory.

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attention to details is another interesting part of being in this moment, this reality. if you can specifically understand is happening in the present, you can better deal with life. i love it when i am faced with a situation, good or bad, focus on the real truth because i can believe my own perspective. if another does not agree with it, then i can turn it over to them. when someone is eager to disagree with you on any given subject, it is because they cannot or will not open their possibilities. although i do not like those around me necessarily, i do respect their understanding of life and are willing to listen to their perspectives.

i will never fight something that is out of my hands but i will never stand down on something i truly believe in either. i am here for a purpose and that my friends is mine and mine alone. the only question i ask myself is whether it matters?


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